Your Ceremony

Let's focus on the details that will make your ceremony unique.......

You may have thought about some of the elements you wish to include in your ceremony or not. This is where I step in to assist you in designing your marriage ceremony from the bottom up. 

The legal aspects of your marriage will all be taken care of so you don't need to worry about them. 

Your wedding ceremony is your opportunity to express to each other your love and the meaning of your marriage and commitment and the values you share in front of your family and friends. 

When creating your ceremony there are many elements that you can consider.

Some of these can also involve those who are special to you.


Readings are a very special way that your loved ones can express their love for you or provide advice for your marriage. It can be chosen by them or by you. The lyrics to a song, an extract from a book, a special poem or even something your Grandparents may have written to each other are all lovely ideas for readings.

I have had parents or relatives who are quite creative and have written something themselves.

I can provide lots of samples of readings for your wedding ceremony for you to choose from.


There are the legal words you must say to each other and then there are your personal vows.

I will give you lots of ideas on how to write these.

These are your promises to each other through the journey of your marriage and the expression of your love for each other.

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of having to remember your vows. You can repeat them after me or read them to each other if that is preferable.


The marriage ceremony is in itself a ritual and there are many rituals that you can include.

Rituals within a ceremony are symbolic and are another lovely way of including people who are special to you in your wedding ceremony.

Often there can be cultural or religious elements which can be included.

Some examples:

Unity Candle

Rose Ceremony.

Tribute to Parents


Pouring of the Sands

Ring Warming


Jewish Glass Breaking

Polish Vodka Drinking

and so on......

Most importantly, remember that your marriage ceremony is about you.